Robotics Olympiad

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Robotics Olympiad is a Championship which arises from a vision of building the most rigorous and diverse competition series in Robotics for School students in India.

In its flagship year, Robotics Olympiad 2014 (RO ’14) introduces India’s first Humanoid Robot competition for schools. It also introduces India’s first Aqua war competition as well as PS2 controlled wireless terrestrial vehicle race for school students.

India will form the nerve-center of this mega-event where international teams will join the Indian finalists in a major showdown every year, the 1st of which is being held on January 17, 18 & 19 of 2014 at Mumbai (India). Various rounds of competition such as Prelims (city/regional), State-level & zonal-level competitions will start from November 2013, across India.

The Final event will be one of the biggest of its kind in India. Good cash rewards will be presented along with various other prizes. Adding to this will be the immense knowledge & experience that the participant students & organizations will receive during RO ’14.

Robotics Olympiad aspires to encourage more “girl” students to persuade the field of Technology, especially Robotics. In this pursuit we have taken a step to enhance the same by providing discounts on registration fees for having a girl member in the participating team.

There will be nationwide contests and competitions related to Robotics Technology to infuse the passion amongst the young minds. Robotics Olympiad aims at building a stronger Technical expertise amongst the young enthusiasts of today to foster them for bigger innovations in future.

Robotics Olympiad endeavors to be the biggest competition across all disciplines which include Terrestrial, Aquatic & Aerial. New Robots and competition types will be introduced every year, few of which being quad-copters & mobile controlled Robots in the coming editions.

Techno Gravity Solutions (organizer of RO ’14) is Education, Lab & Production Solutions Company which has been in the field of Robotics & Technology since more than 5 years. Robotics Olympiad ‘14 is supported by EDUPRIME, the inventors of PRIME curriculum for schools. PRIME curriculum is a methodological learning system that connects Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology and Engineering using Robots.

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