E-governance. www.diehardindian.com is a site dedicated to important and useful information regarding governance to empower citizens of India to work through governmental process.

To spread awareness about government related & civic matters to every citizen of India.


This page is a subset of the site, which is a direct result of a passionate belief that the time has come for India to take its rightful place at the center-stage of the world. This site makes a sincere effort to portray India in the best light, by analyzing news, vital statistics, facts and figures from known reliable sources.

General information
Need for e-governance
You want to apply for an election ID card or a ration card, but do not know how? You would like to get a license for ‘Shops & Establishment’, but don’t know the documents that would be required? Wouldn’t it be easy, if there was a ready reckoner to make life easy, for so many such issues in our daily lives?

This site de-mystifies a lot of problems faced by citizens while dealing with the government departments.

Karmayogi Pratisthan
We are a registered NGO, since 2003. We are involved in several civic projects like road re-surfacing, garden beautification, traffic improvements, PIL’s, issuing of election card and other e-Governance issues. Also, on an average each year we help 350 children with their school fees.