Mr. Kejriwal, why is there no need of center’s approval?

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So Mr. Arvind Kejriwal really does not know that they require Center’s approval for passing a Constitutional Bill or at least for some parts of it?

** A brief on what Lt. Governor said/believed on the tabling of Jan-Lokpal Bill in Delhi —

Lt Governor Najeeb Jung said the AAP government did not go through the laid down procedures in getting approval for tabling of the bill and as custodian of the House he should consider these aspects while dealing with the issue.

Kejriwal has been maintaining that there was no need to obtain prior approval from the Centre or Lt Governor to table the bill while BJP and Congress are of the view that clearance was necessary under Transaction of Business Rules (TBR), 2002.


** Let’s read what Mr. Arvind Kejriwal says about the whole issue, in brief, as on Feb 2014 —

“We are being told that we flouted the rules by introducing the Jan Lokpal Bill. Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely, nowhere in the Constitution it is written that the Delhi government needs the permission of the Centre to enact the Jan Lokpal Bill” Kejriwal said.


** Let’s read what Mr. Kejriwal says in Nov. 2011 —

“When the Centre passes the Lokpal bill, it will have provisions to constitute Lokayukta in states. So, if it passes a law weaker than that of Uttarakhand’s Bill, it would supersede the State law. We have to see whether the Centre weakens the Uttarakhand law or it strengthens it,” activist Arvind Kejriwal told reporters here.

He said the Centre will have to do at least what the Uttarakhand government has done. “If the Centre weakens the bill passed by Uttarakhand, then they must know that people will not tolerate such a government,” he said.

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan said the Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill was “cent per cent” identical to the one they proposed as Jan Lokpal bill.


So what is it that is different in this Jan-Lokpal Bill now which otherwise must be similar to the one passed by Uttarakhand govt. in 2011 where you did admit that it needs Center’s approval.  Now that I do agree that the Bill was passed by the state then & waited for the Center to approve few clauses which currently is not the same state of affairs in Delhi. In Delhi you have been unable to pass the Bill in the State Assembly & the scenario might be different, but not completely. You could’ve waited & should have been honest in telling your supporters that it will still not be able to ENACT it until Center’s approval is sought. And if you so tell us that there is no such requirement, then what is the reason behind it.

I am not against Jan-Lokpal & even I know that the Center will not approve a strong Lokpal. All I am trying to say is that Mr. Kejriwal knew all these hurdles well before, very well known. Then why does act like “innocent boy” if he had no solution to it! Ask about it & think about it.

I will not club many other issues here since I want to be very specific. I would request any statement here to be made with complete sense & specific to the Jan-Lokpal’s center approval point.

** Disclaimer: I do not promote any media sources that i have mentioned.. They are just for reference to People who always ask “what’s the source?”

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