Delhi METRO vs Mumbai LOCAL

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Parameter Delhi (Metro) Mumbai (Local)
Security Almost secured Ghanta secured
Safety Almost safe Even ur own ass is not safe

Tourist help Amazing; with all the maps & help desks & signboards. The footprints ideas is cool. Tourist? who?
Cleanliness Very much due to strict rules Huh? Paan stains, you will even find potty.. It is an open garbage bin.
Speed Excellent Not bad plus we have options
Air-conditioning Woohoo, centralized AC… of course its Metro! Only one out of 4 fans don’t work, sometimes more… if you get what I mean.
Ticketing Breezy due to Smart Card.. Otherwise tokens can be painstaking. Smart cards machines broken or out of order is common. Taking a ticket is a tiresome due to long lines.
Ticketing surety You cannot travel without a ticket, quite a well made system. I guess half of the people must be travelling without a ticket; imagine a fine of Rs. 10 lakh in a day!
Discipline Good for an indian city Yea right, go on talking non sense like Discipline !!
Crimes Must be difficult to commit one due to security personnel and cameras Try everything. When we can have serial blasts in trains, we can do all other crimes too.
Announcement system Wonderful in Train; optimum on platforms. The only thing I here is either “yeh train borivali mein yeh platform pe jaaegi” or “yaha gaadi churchgate ke liye fast local hain” most times :p low voices or horrendous ones, broken voices & many other irregularities.
Marketing No marketing allowed in train or stations, pleasant walls in trains & platforms & so unlike India! Ato Z allowed; the babas, agents, job offers & universities (commonly tacky) fill up for some reading practice.
Train length Relatively good number of rakes 15 rakes too will be insufficient
Frequency Relatively as good Good in western, okay in central, worse in harbour
Smell As bad, since AC makes it worse You will puke most of the times
Crowd Relatively as loaded, but not all times; although peak hours are horrible on some routes Barring few happy hours, it is crowded. Peak hour rush is suicidal
Movement Escalators help in most places, Lifts for elders & handicap is commendable We need no escalators as such
Ticket Pricing Decent considering the facilites. Tickets are cheap but for no facility.
Rail Network Slightly better than mumbai because of underground nature Old structure, difficult to expand, although it still covers the best in its limitations
Women safety Not sure of this, but with the measures as provided, it is good inside but no late travel Hundreds traveling at 12 in the nite, like a boss !! Though you need a constable sometimes in the ladies compartments
Seating Are you kidding, where are the seats? but just like any metro (sigh) Better, although best solution available unless we make it double-decker πŸ˜‰
Entry in platform Tedious due to safety measures & stairs & pathways etc. Hassle free; it is like walking in your compound. You can even drop from a helicopter here.
Seat Offering Hardly did I see people offering seats to others in need, few instances they did though Umm well, I have seen such wonderful gestures a lot
Refreshments Not allowed, since it creates unclean environment; a good decision which makes you unhappy! You can even have a Vada-pav, pav bhaji etc. stall inside here πŸ˜‰
Shopping No salesmen in trains & platforms.. Outside platforms is Free man’s world. Locals here are breeding ground for salesmen, sell whatever you want & you can!
Time limit Sigh, 10 – 11 pm – crowds at most stations are already out by 9pm. Isn’t Delhi a metro city? Cheers, 1 – 2 am last train wih crowds swelling in most stations even at 11 pm #safetravel
Food Limited canteens and snack items – that too on Station Entrance (segregated from platform) None to beat here – atleast 2 canteens (can go up to 5) on each shared platform – Keep eating πŸ˜€
X factors No standing out at the door (doors are closed) That insane experience – only known to a Mumbaikar!
No fresh air pouncing on you at the window ohh that wonderful feeling, if you have window seat πŸ˜‰
No extra seating & adjustments 4th seat is always offered; sometimes you may have to ask
No getting down from a running local Hell yeah !!
No getting into running local Heller yeah !!
No walking on the tracks Hellest yeah !! Although life threatening if done during active hours
No adventure stunts Daredevils !! (not encourgaed by me though)

To give you a brief on the above comparison, I must say that i am a resident of Mumbai & have traveled to the capital of India twice in past 4 months with a decent amount of stay & regular use of Metro. I may not be completely true for few points (in case some may feel) about Delhi Metro, but i can put my foot down for everything about Mumbai Locals. I culd have described few points elaborately, but it becomes boring to read then. Plus in some spaces it is more of a generalistic view (majority instances) which can be argued with stray good/bad incidents.

P.S. – I love both the cities πŸ™‚

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