About me

Namaskar 🙂
Hello Folks! I am neither a celebrity, nor do i want to be one. The website is made out of a desire to have an online space under my name. This i want to use as my personal blog. I am definitely a “sot-so-successful” individual who is trying too hard to fulfill his Dreams, which are incessantly growing every night (no pun intended).

For a brief introduction of my “cult” (yeah right.. sigh) personality, let me introduce myself (I don’t even know if you are reading this)

I am an entrepreneur by heart & by struggle too 😉

I love to travel, except the cold places, except the rainy places, except the hot places and only places where i my friends or family go.
I love adventures, especially tree climbing (& falling), trekking (down rather than up), swimming in rivers (with knee deep, OMG! water), getting bitten by insects, sleeping in tents (which get blown off by winds) & blah blah.
I love para-sailing, para-gliding, sky-diving, cliff diving, bungee jumping, underwater exploration etc… okay i love it, but i am still to do all of these… wait, i did some underwater exploration while searching for my 5 rs. coin in the swimming pool the other day, woohoo!

I am crazy & zany… well i am just trying to o hard to be cool here with those rhymes and stuff.

I am a poet, artist, blogger, writer and wannabe author 🙂 These are the truest titles i could possibly have, apart from being a completely novice in all of them. Damn, what am i good at.

I am a rebel, aggressor & engineer. Who isn’t??? Most of us were rebellious at some point of time.. I am just an exaggerated version of that. And well, i have the title of “Engineer” on my back & you certainly have no idea that it means nothing great !! silly proud engineers!

I can now very well proclaim to be a vibrant personality, if not cult — I am a LIBRAN & a true one at that!

I am,
simple yet painted,
active yet composed,
reserved yet expressive,
shy yet talkative,
silent yet mischievous,
smart yet modest,
follower yet a Leader !!!

I believe that the world will change within me & that day i will change the world. Until then, please help yourself with the interim Leaders of yours.
P.S.: If my Karma settings are imbalanced, i will do the needful after 100 years, or maybe a little more. For more details contact my angel God, who is somehow not too sweet to me currently.

Enjoy my work. Share if you may (and if u like :P). No matter how stupid it be, it is still my original work.
Please do not STEAL. Now please do not misuse a kind request 😉
A mention would be nice. A backlink would be nicer. A note of appreciation would be nicest 😀

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